Nikki Sixx and Zakk Wylde Dropped Some Great Advice to Aspiring Songwriters

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Nikki was the lead song writer for Motley Crue. Zakk of course is the front man for Black Label Society and long time guitarist for the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy. So when it comes to writing music, it’s important to take in every tidbit of advice these true rock stars dole out to us common folk. Coincidentally, they both dropped these nuggets on IG today.

Every single song I’ve ever written alone or collaborating with other writers starts out with a ratty little riff or a partial sentence.Its all just a thought..Usually the less thought out the better. ANYBODY WANNA WRITE A SONG WITH ME? #1958 Les Paul Jr through my #1978 Marshall JMP 100watt combo……My rule for songwriting is you never say NO. Whoever has an idea you just go for it. Seems to of worked out pretty good for me so far. THE DEATH OF A SONG IS THE WORD NO. I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU CAN PLAY WHATEVER IT IS YOUR SHOWING THE “IDEA” ON OR NOT. The energy of the word YES moves it forward or to the next step. YOU DONT HAVE TO SAY NO IN THE BEGINNING IF IT DOESN’T WORK OUT “The SONG will tell you itself” #songwritingrules #writerswrite PS. SIMPLE IS NOT A DIRTY WORD. AnD ThEN STaRt AGAIN. πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ŠAND DO THIS UNTIL YOU πŸ’€. ❀️

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And I appreciate Zakk’s much more to the point approach:

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