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The Heartbreakers Need To Start Touring Again – Some Ideas To Make It Happen

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It’s almost daily that I think of Tom Petty and the massive hole his passing left in the live music scene. While Tom Petty no doubt is one of the greatest song writers of all times, his band is what rode those shows into the upper echelon of the best of the best. One of…

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A Spotify Playlist for Your Next United Airlines Flight

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There’s been a lot of fun to be had on the interwebs this week with United’s forcible removal of their “volunteer” passenger.  Given United’s policy to bounce any paid passenger they want still holds firm, I created a playlist for the cabin during these trying times when you’re anxiously waiting patiently in your seat for the doors to…

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Concert Review: Mudcrutch Led by Tom Petty Slay at 9:30 Club

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Let’s briefly rewind the clock to March 25, 2016. My 68 year old mother texted me saying she really wanted to go to this show at the 9:30 Club on April 6, and could I help her get tickets. I hopped on to scroll down and see a band I had never heard of for tickets at $104…

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