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Pour House

Interview: Moon Taxi Talks About Their Long Grind to Success and Their Many Charleston, SC, Shows

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This weekend is one of the better music weekends in Charleston I can remember the three years I’ve lived here. Moon Taxi, an indie rock band from Nashville, who has been pumping out quality hits album after album, is visiting the intimate Charleston Resort Harbor this Saturday night. That’s right…a band that played the big…

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Nth Power Lives Up to Their Name at Pour House Show

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After still feeling the high the next day from Nth Power’s three plus hour gig, I couldn’t help but smile reminiscing about Spinal Tap. They went to 11…well, the appropriately named Nth Power goes past that live. I had the fortune of interviewing Nth Power drummer, Nikki Glaspie, when they were playing in Charleston, SC,…

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Interview: TAUK Bassist Charlie Dolan discusses the band’s origin, playing Jam Cruise, and the importance of covers

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I first heard TAUK on Sirius Radio’s Jam On. I am a big fan of heavy instrumental jams and methodically played grooves, and these guys fit that bill nicely. The guys in the band, Matt Jalbert, Charlie Dolan, A.C. Carter, and Isaac Teel- have been together since 2012, though Matt, Charlie, and A.C. have known each other since…

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