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The London Souls Talk New Album and Upcoming Tour with Sturgill Simpson

One of the annoying parts of being in the cubicle workforce is all the co-workers’ who semi-fake complain about Mondays. This week was a legit exception as a boozy Sunday afternoon day and night watching NFL games left me mentally limping into the office. Ugh. Of course six different people are scheduling morning meetings. That’s why I was thrilled to see my… Keep Reading


Moon Taxi on 2017 Album, Prophets of Rage, and not ‘Selling Out’

Moon Taxi is one of those bands that if you’ve ever seen them live, you’ve immediately downloaded their music, played it relentlessly, and signed up for all future gig alerts. However, ask any friend or family member if they’ve ever heard of Moon Taxi and the definitive answer is ‘No.’ What? Moon Taxi has been dominating the festival circuit… Keep Reading

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Music Stars React Passionately to Alton Sterling Shooting

Many of the stars from the music industry are putting their foot down on the latest, senseless life lost to the hands of police in that of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Chris Brown went as far as writing and releasing a song to highlight the injustice and struggles. Beyonce released a message on her website… Keep Reading

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This Week’s Music News: Paul Simon Retiring? DMX, Snoop, Van Morrison Release New Albums

Each Friday we’ll post all the latest news in the music industry so your Happy Hour lingo stays tight.   New Apple Technology Could Disable Your Camera During Concerts | Complex The technology works using infrared signals. Realistically, there is no current evidence that Apple actually plans to use this technology. George W. Bush, Taylor Swift and Chris Brown… Keep Reading

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