If You Could Bring Back Prince, George Harrison, or Lennon…Who Would You Pick and Why?

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When I get the chance to interview my favorite bands, I like to end each chat with several of the same, thought-provoking questions to see how they all answer them differently. This particular question came about months ago with drunken Uber rides home from the bars. I always sit shotgun to discover the driver’s musical interests and then stump them with either/or scenarios. One hypothetical that seemed to stump every one of all music flavors was:

“If you had the power to bring back to life Prince, John Lennon, or George Harrison, who would it be and why?”

After some hard thinking myself, I’d go with Prince. George Harrison is my favorite of the three to listen to and John Lennon is the best song writer of the three, but Prince’s live shows are something that will likely never be outdone. As a regular concert goer, I’d pay anything to see Prince again. A friend of mine saw Prince at Madison Square Garden and said the entire show everyone of all races and ages was dancing in the aisles. I’ve never seen or heard of any band that can do that, not to mention Prince regularly put on four hour shows.

John Lennon, of course, is arguably the most influential of the bunch, and I think Moon Taxi and The London Souls hit the nail on the head with their answers. Who would you pick and why?

Slightly Stoopid
Rymo (drummer)

“Oh man. I think I’d like to talk to Lennon.  I’d like to just sit with him and hang for a day or two.  And play music of course. All three of those guys are heavy. That’s a tough one. Prince is just so funky and I’m a huge fan of his music and his style. But yea, I think I’d just like to talk to Lennon. Just ask questions on how it was. The Beatles were pioneers on so many fronts. From the first early, live big shows. To selling trillions of records. Yea, I think I’d want to sit and have a hang with John.”


The London Souls
Tash (guitar/vocals)
Chris (drums/vocals)

Tash: Wowwww. That’s a great question! Thanks for asking that.
Chris: (laughing) Wow. Uhhh. Ok. I would say George Harrison. Not enough people are saying “I Dig Love” right now. It’s a song of his. John and George. Their message is love, so either one. Prince’s message is love too, but he had a pretty good run I think. It’d be cool to see Prince come back so he can shut up all the bad covers I’ve been seeing of Purple Rain.
Tash: He’d be really upset!
Chris: I’d love to see his reaction. “C’mon everybody!!! What are you doing?!”
Tash: That’s a really good answer!!!


Moon Taxi
Tommy Putnam (bassist)
“That’s a tough question. I think we could use a guy like Lennon today. Bring people together.”


Zach Deputy
(Vocals, guitar)
Zach Deputy
“Prince is very special and for me that’s a no brainer. Because he’s got the groove man. He can do it all.”

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